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Unveiling Fashion: Emma's Journey from The Salon to The Shop

Enter the visionary behind The Shop at Salts Farm – Emma Lee, a true entrepreneur in the world of fashion and beauty. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a keen eye for style, Emma has transformed her dreams into reality, creating a haven for fashion enthusiasts and style seekers alike... and so The Shop - dress agency and sister company to The Salon was born.

A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Emma's journey began at the tender age of 18 when she embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. Armed with determination and a desire to make her mark in the industry, she established her first business, EMS Beauty Boutique. What started as a one-person operation soon blossomed into a thriving enterprise, thanks to Emma's dedication and hard work.

The Birth of The Shop

As EMS Beauty Boutique continued to grow, Emma recognised the need for expansion and evolution. With the addition of new treatments, skills, and therapists, the business outgrew its original identity, leading to a rebranding as "The Salon" in 2020. This transformation marked a new chapter in Emma's entrepreneurial journey, one that would ultimately pave the way for the creation of The Shop at Salts Farm.

A Visionary Approach to Fashion

Emma's vision for The Shop is one of inclusivity, sustainability, and style. With a focus on offering a curated selection of both new and pre-loved fashion items, she aims to provide customers with a unique shopping experience that celebrates individuality and creativity. Emma's commitment to sustainability is evident in The Shop's ethos, where every purchase contributes to a more eco-conscious future.  Operating on a simple 50/50 split basis for all sales, meaning that you can be sure you're getting a fair deal when you sell your items with us.

Leading with Heart and Passion

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Emma is known for her warm and welcoming demeanour, making everyone feel instantly at home in her presence. Her exceptional listening skills and genuine care for her clients have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and friend. Despite her many accomplishments, Emma remains humble and grounded, always prioritising the needs of her team and customers above all else.

A Bright Future Ahead

As The Shop continues to thrive under Emma's guidance, the future looks brighter than ever. With her innovative spirit and unwavering dedication, Emma is poised to lead The Shop to new heights of success, cementing its status as a premier destination for fashion aficionados everywhere.

Join Emma on her journey of style and discovery at The Shop at Salts Farm, where fashion dreams become reality, one exquisite piece at a time.


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